Our services

Nutritional and health consultancy

We support farmers who honour us with their preference, assisting them with all their problems, drawing on the expertise of specialist professionals, seeking to provide them with a valid response to the critical issues of their work and accompanying them every step of the way.
We create nutritional tables for them according to requirement, to the type and species of animals, with the aim of reconciling the needs of companies with the welfare of the animal.

Supply of products

We provide various types of products for the nutrition and well-being of productive livestock.

Consultancy in the purchase of cattle

We are able to provide our customers with information on the type of species to purchase according to the demands of the market, drawing on the decades of partnerships of our operators with representatives of the industry.

Our products are guaranteed due to the thoroughness of the selection of raw materials used, the attention and care in production and their formulation by manufacturers who comply with strict production rules.